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Embark on this river cruise of London and you will discover the island’s majestic capital  and its glorious sights on the historic Barge Route of Henry VIII. Get into the royal mode, celebrate the occasion in style, and enjoy the unique view from river Thames on board our newly refurbished historic boats.


Through the heart of Paris, this most exclusive river cruise on the river Seine gives you a feel of the French capital’s romantic spirit. Enjoy its beautiful landmarks, the amazing bridges and the unique sounds of buzzing Paris on board the Maxim's, the cruise ship of legendary fashion designer Pierre Cardin.


Admire the contrasts of the German Metropolis and the UNESCO world heritage area on the rivers Havel and Spree on board a historical boat lovingly renovated for the purpose. Enjoy famous landmarks in the city center and take in the stunning landscape around the German capital on a river cruise.



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We specialize in river cruises and boat tours.

Marquis de Westhalten River Cruises is your boat trip specialist if you are looking for exclusive cruise offers on rivers and lakes. Lovers of the authentic spirit of inland waterway navigation will find a wide range of boat tours and river cruises in Berlin, Paris and London. Explore Europe’s most impressive capitals by water on the rivers Spree, Havel, Seine and Thames. Marquis de Westhalten River Cruises finds you the most exclusive offers and the best kept secrets in major cities. Our enthusiasm and passion for inland waterways, for historical boats, landscapes, people on and by the water, as well as our personalized service, we share with our customers and partners.


A selection of the most exclusive boat tours and boat trips.

Whether you’d like to explore the city or enjoy the pleasures of unspoiled nature, on our boat tours, you will discover the world seen from a completely different angle. Our carefully selected range of boat trips and river cruises offers the best views and the most exciting routes along the rivers Seine, Thames, Havel and Spree. Find out about the cities of London, Paris, and Berlin as well as about their surrounding countryside on board of one of our historical boats.

Discover enchanting rivers, lakes, and cities.

In Berlin, your boat trip starts at the confluence of river Spree and river Havel on the pier across from Spandau’s historic city center. The Île de la Cité, the inner city island in Paris, is your starting point in the French capital. Should you choose to take a boat tour of London, you will cruise upstream the river Thames to the Eastern part of the city.


Discover river Spree and Havel. The Spree flows from South to East through the capital of the united Germany, where it formed an island at its center, the Museum Island. Eventually, the Spree ends its course in the East of the city, where it flows into the Havel. This point is called Havel km 0. Here, the river parts into the Oberhavel towards the stream source in Mecklenburg’s famous Lake District, and into the Unterhavel leading up to its mouth. From here, your boat trip takes you South. On its way to river Elbe, the Spree crosses the Wannsee chain of lakes in Berlin, passes Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg Land, and the city of Brandenburg.

Enjoy a romantic boat trip on the Seine. River Seine passes through the metropolis from the Southeast to the Southwest of Paris forming an arc. In this case, two islands are formed in the center of the city, the Île de la Cité and the Île Saint Louis. Being the longest river of France, the Seine eventually terminates its meandering journey by flowing into the Atlantic.

In London, the Thames the river describes a wide arc from the Southwest, thus leaving the metropolis and capital of the United Kingdom in the Southeast, which offers exquisite cruise possibilities. The Thames does not form any inner city island, and ends shortly after it left town when it flows into the Baltic Sea near the entrance to the English Channel.


Relax on an individual trip or on a group tour and let the landscape pass you by.

Take advantage of our exclusive offers of boat tours in London, Berlin or Paris and book a boat trip for your next vacation with Marquis de Westhalten. There is so much to discover during a steamboat trip while you relax on board and enjoy your trip with Marquis de Westhalten River Cruises. A boat tour has always been inspiring to people of all ages. Whether you want to travel alone, take a romantic river trip as a couple, or chose an exclusive get-together with your family and friends, at Marquis de Westhalten, you will find a unique selection of boat trip, and boat tours in Paris, London, and Berlin. Let your soul roam free and observe the landscape from your comfortable chair on deck one of our beautiful vessels; or check out the board restaurant to enjoy culinary alongside cultural delights.

An exquisite selection of ships, historic steamers and passionate operators.

In order to offer unforgettable river cruises in London, Paris or Berlin, we have taken on the search for rare pearls of maritime history. Finding extraordinary vessels for boat trips and river cruises located in these major cities proved more difficult than we had imagined. Historic ships are rarely waterway-worthy and are usually spending their later years leading a rather sedentary existence as a restaurant or museum-ship. Nevertheless, we could find and win over some specialist partners, who, much to our delight, invest enthusiasm and quite some effort to keep old passenger ships alive and going.


In Berlin, a family offers river cruises on a dream boat: wonderful trips on the Spree and the Havel in a remarkably renovated, old-fashioned historic steamer.


World famous fashion designer and owner of the Maxim’s cult restaurant chain, Pierre Cardin, has lost his heart to an old ship stranded in Paris, the city of love, which is now operating again, so he offers river cruises in the noblest possible ambience.

Luxuriously refurbished old boats on river Thames will make you feel quite majestic. Thanks to the effort of a small family business in London, we can offer exclusive boat trips through the island’s capital on their royally furnished vessels.


Do not pay heed to what the weather man has to say.

Cruise comfortably from spring through autumn.

With very few exceptions, the boating season begins with the arrival of milder temperatures in spring and ends in late autumn. During winter, the shipping companies tend to repairs and maintenance work on their vessels, of course, in order to offer comfortable and safe river cruises and boat trips again in summer. All ships used for boat trips and boat tours offer a very high standard of service and many amenities like f. ex. easy access, separate toilets or comfortable seating indoors and outdoors. To embark on a river cruise in Berlin, Paris or London doesn’t mean you have to do without your regular comfort. Enjoy a leisure boat tour, defy the elements even on a cloudy day, and go see the city of your choice from on deck a boat.

Cruise comfortably from spring through autumn.

Onboard service during your journey is out to fulfill all your food and beverage wishes as well. Be it on the upper or on the lower deck, at the rear or at the buck, at the bar or in the restaurant, wherever you chose to take a refreshment, you are always well looked after.


We pay very special attention to detail in the performance and selection of services offered by our partners on board. Friendliness, cleanliness, courteousness and the quality of food and drinks on board meet high standards. Quality restaurants and individual care on our ships guarantee a delightful and relaxing cruise.

Just ask our staff, we're happy to help you.

Just ask our staff, we're happy to help you arrange for your next sightseeing cruise on river Thames, Seine, Spree or Havel. Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have. For us it is important, that your boat trip on the river Thames in London, your cruise through Berlin on river Havel and Spree, or your sightseeing adventure in Paris on the Seine becomes a memorable event for you and your company.